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O que saiu na imprensa

Как «Пятёрочка» с помощью Perfluence через микроблогеров привлекла 18 000 новых клиентов доставки

The pandemic and self-isolation regime stimulated significant demand for delivery services and the network has been actively developing this business direction.

Fake millionaires, fake likes and bought opinions. Do bloggers lie?

Draws of money, expensive gadgets and cars - can we believe these or is it a well-staged "performance"?

Real sales through microbloggers - Eldorado experience

During the trial month of cooperation the Perfluence platform, iProspect and Eldorado have attracted through microbloggers 10 times more buyers than it had been planned. 20 ads from microbloggers resulted in more than 1,500 orders, CRR 10%.

Talent, humor, naturalness: what people look for on TikTok and how businesses can use it

While Instagram and YouTube were the main platforms for advertising before, in 2020 bloggers and advertisers are actively switching to TikTok


Moscow, Ordzhonikidze, 11, prédio 10

+7 (925) 712 20 60